"Taichi elevates the human spirit beyond anything imaginable.

Our taichi courses will positively transform your health and well being from the very first lesson."

Dr. Robert Bacher

Taichi Basics

65 Lessons

The purpose of Taichi Basics is to make your body strong and healthy, to establish a solid foundation with the taichi basic exercises, and to prepare you for your next step which is learning the taichi solo form.

Taichi Form

20 Lessons

This course emphasizes the careful memorization of Part 1 of the traditional Chen style solo routine, Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Routine), in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Xi'an. This solo routine forms the basis for Chen style taichi and is the source of all modern taichi styles (Yang, Wu...)

Wuji Standing Method

"The most valuable exercise you will ever learn!"

Wuji Standing Method can be traced back to ancient times as a form of core training for martial arts. This simple standing practice unleashes the power of your mind to heal chronic pain and illness, dramatically improve your health & energy levels, reverse the effects of aging, and cultivate inner calm & stillness.

Try these taichi movements

3 most valuable basic exercises

1. The Hip Rotation is the most important of the Daily Dozen Loosening Up series. Taking 2 minutes a day to perform this one simple exercise will keep your hip joints freely moveable, which will have a major effect on the health and strength of your lower back and knees. It will also prevent you from one day needing a hip replacement surgery, as it keeps the hip joint space free and open.

2. The Lower Body Silk Reeling forms the foundation for all taichi movements. It teaches you how to coordinate your lower body and makes it very powerful and flexible. From that you will be able to add the upper body movements much more easily. When you understand and can perform the Lower body Silk Reeling it will help immensely when you start learning the solo form.

3. How to Stretch Your Back is taichi's method to gain and maintain youthful flexibility of your entire spine, and also realigns spinal vertebrae that may be slightly out of position, causing back pain from nerve impingement. The BEST EXERCISE for your back!


What people are saying about Bacher Taichi School Online

"Dr. Bacher has a profound knowledge of taichi and health. His clear detailed teaching, dedication to the art, and healthy lifestyle get students really enthusiastic to learn taichi."

Dr. Ernst Papperger, Physician for Psychosomatic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rosenheim, Germany

"Dr Bacher has knowledge and skill rarely seen outside of China. He is the most passionate and dedicated practitioner and teacher of taichi I have ever met."

Joe Mahoney   Sunrise, FL

"No one outside of China has the experience and knowledge like Dr. Bacher. His mastery of the art in practice and teaching is the result of many years of extensive study and daily practice."

Rey Serna, Professional Photographer, Seattle WA

"I had chronic back pain for many years. Dr. Bacher helped me tremendously with correcting improper structural alignments that I thought were normal. I am eternally grateful to him."

Sheena Russell, Retired Hairdresser, New Brunswick, Canada

About Dr. Bacher

Founder of Bacher Taichi School Online


Dr. Bacher has been practicing martial arts, meditation, and natural healing methods daily since 1969. This includes 25 years of karate and yoga.

After studying the 3 major taichi styles intensively for 30 years (Chen, Yang, and Wu), Dr. Bacher traveled to Chenjiagou (Chen Family Village), China, the historical birthplace of taichi, for advanced training under the strict guidance of 19th generation lineage Grandmaster Wang Xi'an.  

After years of rigorous daily training (up to 8 hours per day), Grandmaster Wang authorized Dr. Bacher to teach, with express instructions to share his Chen style taichi system in the west.

Dr. Bacher is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, with more than 30 years clinical experience.  He specialized in natural self healing methods, utilizing taichi, meditation, and plant based nutrition to help his patients and students heal their chronic sickness and pain. His results were so significant that he retired as a doctor and now he teaches taichi full time.

Dr. Bacher teaches internationally, offering workshops and retreats in the original Chen style taichi. He combines his taichi skills and knowledge with his clinical experience to offer a unique teaching method that focuses on cultivating vibrant health, self healing, and self defense.

Dr. Bacher offers week long private taichi trainings in Costa Rica year round.

You can contact Dr. Bacher for information on his teaching schedule and Costa Rica training program via email at:  chenti@mac.com.


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